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Virility Patch Rx

Virility Patch Rx

Buy Virility Patch RX contains a number of herbal male enhancement ingredients, used throughout history for their sexual enhancement properties. The ideal balance in precise dosages has been created to give you the most effective boost to your sex life ever!
Why deliver through a patch? Because the transdermal patch allows active ingredients to pass through the skin, right into the bloodstream bypassing the filters of the stomach and liver. It's fast, easy, and the ingredients don't get broken down.The Virility Patch Rx is designed as a sexual aid. The patch was created for those who are serious about added some spice to their sex life. The Virility Patch Rx contains active ingredients that may help to achieve your stamina goals in the bedroom. Our ultra-concentrated formula is a careful balance of a variety of herbs known for promoting sexual desire and performance. We infuse the formula into a small, discreet dermal patch that you simply stick to your skin under your clothes.
The benefits of our powerful male enhancement formula:
• Extra erection hardness and size
• Stronger sex drive
• Super lasting power
• Deeper, more prolonged orgasm for both you and your partner
• More confidence than ever before

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